Crafty Friday, on Thursday :p

So I’ve been posting a lot this week. Just starting this blog and I have a lot to share. This is not how I will typically be doing things, just so everyone knows.

This is a “tutorial” on how to make a rustic sign from wood pallets.

My favorite all time hymn is “Be Thou My Vision”. I thought it would be fitting to hang this sign in my living room. I want Jesus to be in the front of my mind at all time. “Thou my best thought, by day or by night”. Of course you could choose whatever saying you would like for your sign.

This was a moderately hard sign to make, mainly just time consuming, but it cost nothing. I just used supplies that I had laying around.


You will need:

  • Wood pallet
  • Hammer & crowbar
  • Gloves to protect your lady hands 🙂
  • Sandpaper
  • Polyurethane & Stain (mine was 2 in 1) for the base wood
  • Paint brush – this will get ruined from the Polyurethane/Stain
  • Wooden letters, stensils etc.
  • Any old paint for the letters will do. – I used white paint.
  • Small paint brush if doing the letters by hand
  • A handy husband for doing the dirty work. :p
  • Some type of wood saw for cutting boards to size.
  • Drill bit. – making a hole for the hemp.
  • Hemp String – for hanging sign on the wall.

IMG_4718As I started prying at the wood to get the nails loose I soon realized this was going to be a tough job. Thankfully my husband Ben was willing to help me out a bit, so I just sat around and took pictures while he worked. :p Just kidding. He got some of the boards started for me and showed me how to use a crow bar. A husband is not needed for this job, it just made it go faster!

Once i got the two boards off that I would need for my project I had to take the nails out. That was easy. You just flip the board over and hammer them the opposite way.

IMG_4724I put my letters on the wood to make sure they were the right size. I wanted the bottom board slightly larger than the top. I drew a somewhat strait line and cut off the excess board with a neat little power tool of my husband’s. The wonderful thing about this rustic sign is just that, it is meant to look rustic. So you don’t have to be a perfectionist to make this turn out awesome!


I sanded down my board just a little. I didn’t want huge splinters hanging off in every direction. I also but some wood putty in the old nail holes. Not required, I just think it made it look better.


There, now we’re ready to stain & polyurethane the wood. I put two coats on the front side of my sign. I didn’t even stain the back since I’ll be hanging it on a wall. If you look close you can see all the nicks and dents on my board. It takes several hours for the stain & polyurethane to dry. Make sure it is not tacky when you touch it before you move to the next step.


This part was tricky. I wanted to hang my sign with some hemp string. Once again I had my husband help. You can see the pencil line in the picture. He used that for his guide. Just make sure you don’t go through the front or back of your thin board. NOTE: If I had to do over againI would have done this step before the stain & polyurethane. That way if you mess up you didn’t just waist a ton of time for nothing.


Next you put your letters on your board exactly where you want them to go. You could also use a stencil or drawing free hand. I outlined my wood letters with a No. 2 pencil. I had to make my pencil lines pretty dark.


Then you start painting in your letters. I used a cute little pink kids paint brush. This was the most time consuming part for me. if you use stencils I would imagine it would go much faster. Once you finish painting on the letters you just feed your hemp through the previously made holes in your board and hang up your masterpiece.


All finished! What do you think? Add rustic touch by lightly sanding over your sign with fine grit sandpaper. Not too hard though because you don’t want to ruin your letters. Good luck! Feel free to post pictures if you decide to make a sign of your own!


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