TOMS: One for One

I always get antsy by the end of the week. I need something exciting to hold me over till the weekend. So enjoy this little product review.


I have always had a heart for helping children in need. I love the idea of TOMS shoes. They are so incredibly cute, such an easy way to help a child/adult in need. In America we wear shoes for style, in other countries hardly anyone can afford shoes. Makes me feel a little guilty to be honest.

I’ve gone to Haiti on mission trips a handful of times. None of the children I see wear shoes. Their feet get tough from walking bare foot all of the time. For the most part, not having shoes in a warm climate is not much of a problem. I wonder though if walking around bare foot helps to spread disease. At the very least, you are more likely to get cut on a piece of barbed wire (used on most houses in Haiti) if you don’t wear shoes.

IMG_4814The one pair I got for Tristan is on sale right now. Ash Canvas Tiny TOMS. The ones pictured are Natural Burlap, They are the exact same thing as the Ash just different color. I got the Ash Canvas in the next size up (5T). They are true to size. Tristan wears a size 4T shoe, he is 9 months old. TOMS size 4T fits perfectly, a little room to grow I hope!

IMG_4821They open up very wide to fit a little chunky foot inside. Probably my favorite pair of shoes I’ve worn on Tristan so far. Normally it is a struggle to get shoes on such chubby wiggly feet. TOMS shoes slide right on. As you can see, the top basically comes off. They have a really convenient velcro closure. I believe TOMS are meant to be worn without socks, but I’ve done it both ways. Note: there are shoe string holes but those are just for looks. 🙂

Yes they are a little pricy, but you have to consider that you are really buying two pair of shoes, one goes to a child in need and one comes to your doorstep. Pretty good deal when you think of it that way!


If you do decide to order a pair of TOMS for yourself or your little one, feel free to use my referral code. 🙂 You save $20 and I get $20 towards my next order!


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