Baby Bib Tutorial

Feeling crafty and this beautiful brisk fall morning. I’ve got the wood stove going, and a hot cup of tea brewing. The baby is down for a nap so I’m free to make some baby bibs!

These homemade cute, soft, absorbent baby bibs make excellent gifts. I believe these bibs are the only ones that really do the job! Tristan was never a spitter, but he drools like crazy!

Don’t you hate it when you search all over the internet for a good pattern, you finally find one and you have to pay for the tutorial and the pattern! Well today is your lucky day! I created my own pattern, and it is yours FREE! I found it to be a good size bib for most babies.

Baby Bib Pattern PDF Download. Print the pattern on card stock paper, cut it out and tape it together at the arrows.

You also need your fabric supplies. I used Soft N Fluffy fabric for my bibs backing. Really these bibs are reversible, I just prefer having a design on the front.

For the front I use various flannel 100% cotton fabric.

You will also need:

  • Good quality fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Side walk chalk (optional)

So you are ready to start. Fold your fabric just enough that your bib pattern fits, try not to waist your fabric. Lay your pattern on the fold of your fabric where it says “fold side”.

IMG_4892You can use side walk chalk to mark your pattern before cutting. I find that takes too much tome so I just leave my pattern on and cut as close to it as I can. Either way works, if you use chalk to outline you might end up with a perfect cutout.


Cut fabric for front and back of your bib with the same pattern. Open your fabric and lay right sides together (the side that will show once you are all finished. Pin your two pieces together at a couple of different places.


Then you are ready to sew your bib together. I usually start on the bottom left corner. Sew pretty close to the edge, about 1/4 ” inch. Keep in mind when your getting close to your starting point leave about 3″ unsewed, for now. You need this space to turn your bib right side out.

Once you turn the bib right side out, fold your fabric edges in at your 3″ opening. Top stitch over this part first and make your way around the whole bib. This makes your bib lay flat, gives it a more elegant look and also helps to hold the bib together longer.

IMG_4762Now your all finished. Pretty simple huh? All you need to do is add velcro or snaps to the top of your bib to keep it on your baby’s neck. Yes I did just switch my fabric color to pink dots. 🙂


I prefer snaps because velcro is so rough on your baby’s delicate skin. I use the Babyville Snap Pliers for easy application. You will also need the snaps to use in the pliers.

If you are not the crafty type or you just don’t feel like doing all the work, feel free to check out my Etsy site. I sell some of my baby bibs on there.

Please feel free to ask questions or post pictures of a baby bib you made using this tutorial. Thanks!


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