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UPDATE: December 30th we FINALLY adopted out foster baby Tristan, who is now TWO YEARS OLD! Yay, best Christmas present ever!


Teagan & Paisley

July 2nd we were blessed with our very own set of adorable twin baby girls Paisley and Teagan. So I have a little excuse as to why I’ve been so busy. 🙂

Holidays are over, winter feels like it has just begun, things are crazy here, and we are all missing Daddy as he works hard providing for our family.

To add to the craziness, or I would like to think we’re trying to become more structured, we have started “pre” pre-homeschooling. That’s a mouthful, but basically we are working on putting our long winter days to use learning music, life skills, numbers, colors, and most importantly the Bible! I’ve thrown together a very rough draft month by month log for keeping us on track with our learning. Still working on it, but I would LOVE to share it with you when it is done. My goal is to blog each month on our learning with pictures, links to DIY crafts and printable color pages and anything else we use through our month. So check back each month if you want to follow along. Hopefully you find this helpful as you tackle the job of raising your children. I plan to homeschool my kids, so I’m just getting an early start, and hopefully making each day a fun learning experience for the kids!12631319_10153934689221103_8404482168374529796_n


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