Burpy Bib Free Pattern & Tutorial

This is a Mommy’s best friend. A burp cloth that fits nice on the curve of your neck, or around your baby’s neck as a bib! I came up with my own pattern and design trying to copy Aden + Anais Burpy Bib. Trying to save money by making my own! I’m still experimenting but I think I’ve come pretty close to the original, anyone that actually knows how to sew could do a better job than I did, I’m sure!


Mine top, theirs bottom.

Here is my pattern. Download, print on 8×11 paper (I like card stock) and cut out the pattern. It’s pretty simple, you just need to tape the two pieces together. Lay the pattern on your fabric when you are ready to cut. You need to cut two pieces for the front and back. I used DOUBLE GAUZE (aka swaddle fabric, muslin), but you can really use anything. Flannel is really absorbent, I’ve used that for making bibs and it works well with a soft and fluffy backing. I did a pattern on the front and back this time, but in the future I would like to do a white back that way I can tell the difference between the clean side and the soiled side. 🙂


I don’t cut too close to my pattern as you can see.

After you cut both pieces of the gauze, lay them right (print side) together.


Then cut a third piece for an absorbent inside. You could use terry cloth, minky, more muslin, flannel or basically any old fabric you have lying around the house. I even thought of using a waterproof baby diaper material, but I went with stay dri whicking fabric. It was my first time using this fabric, but so far I like it. It is very thin, and the idea is it holds the moisture so it keeps you and the baby dry, it’s often used for cloth diapers.


You now have three layers. Gauze right sides together, liner fabric on the top.

Pin, or clip your three fabrics together so they don’t wiggle while you sew. I used wonder clips, but push pins work just as well.


Start sewing around your burpy bib, make sure you don’t get too close to the edges (I do this a lot) or you will have holes when you turn your fabric right side out. 1/4 inch seam allowance would be good. Leave a 2 inch space to turn your fabric right side out.


I have a habit of getting too close to the edge of my fabric – don’t follow my example.

Cut notches around the edges of your fabric before turning right side out. Then you are ready to turn your burpy bib right side out. Just sew the 2 inch section shut and top stitch for a nice finishing touch and so your burpy bib holds up after lots and lots of use!


All that’s left is to add some type of closure to turn your burp cloth into a bib. You could use snaps right now the fabric, velcro, and 2 ribbons inserted in the seam to tie. I found this snap tape at Joanns so I figured I would try it out!


I cut my snap tape and sewed it on right at the seam on the burpy bib. I’m not sure if I did this part right, I think you are supposed to sew all the way around the snap so it doesn’t pull apart, but so far so good. Folding the snap tape over would have worked for sure, but they don’t give you enough space to do that and use a sewing machine. I may update this part of the tutorial if I find a better way to make this work. But like I said, there are many ways you can turn the burp cloth into a bib by adding buttons, snaps ribbon or velcro. As I said, I’m not a pro!


All finished! This was by far easier than the other bibs I’ve made in the past, no awkward sewing, I like the large cresant shape. I love that I don’t have to tote around a burp cloth and bibs like I have done previously. I just burp my baby then snap the bib around their neck just in case they spit up…or drool!


Paisley just loves the burpy bib, good thing cause she’s my spitter. 🙂


It looks a little big on her, but she is only an 11 pound (7 month old) baby. I know one think, it does what I made it to do, catch spit up!IMG_6105

Let me know what you think, I’d love to see what other mommas come up with trying out the burpy bib. Please comment photos of your work!


4 thoughts on “Burpy Bib Free Pattern & Tutorial

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  2. Thank you for the tutorial! I wondered how the snap tape held up. Do you need to re-enforce the cut ends of the tape? Did they unravel after washing?


    • I’ll be honest, I made so many that they didn’t go through many washings and my girls weren’t messy eaters/droolers.
      I doubt they could come unraveled, I sewed back and forth several times to make sure they were secure. Hope that helps!


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