Metal Letters P & T

I had way to much fun in Michaels craft store today. I should have taken a picture of my kids who were being perfect angels while I let my creativity run wild! When I’m in a craft store it’s like my mind is running a marathon, but I’m full of energy; and giddy. Plus like everything I was interested in was 60% off and I had coupons. Today was a good day 🙂

To be used in a future diy project. For now they will look beautiful in the girls’ room.

Add a little fun and color to my kitchen table.

And for today’s project that took more than 10 seconds. 

I found some awesome metal letters for Paisley and Teagan.

I’m thinking ahead for the twins birthday party in July. It will be a sunshine and lemonade party-I will be blogging about lots of diy for this in the coming weeks. I like the idea of using “reusable” party decor. Lots of the signs and crafts I will be making will go in their room for decor once the party is over. 

Rather than hang the letters right on the wall I wanted to put them on a board; that way I could use it for a sign at the party and I wanted a dark backround rather than the light painted wall. 

I started out with a square of white pine board. It was something I had in the garage from another project. But you can find wood at any hardware store.

I used an espresso stain and polyurethane, again I had that from a previous project. 🙂 I used the hammer to pry open the can and the foam paint brush to paint the board. I prefer foam brushes when working with polyurethane because they are so cheap and you just throw them out after your finished.

Throw a couple coats on your board.

Then drill some short screws into your board after you have arranged the letters the way you want them.

Finished. Now just hang it on the wall. Bam, a fun easy project!


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