Organized Spice Cabinet 

Busy packing for a weekend trip to the mountains, but my spice cabinet is out of control so I had to quick organize it.

I’m a little embarrassed to even share this picture.


I really didn’t do much to get things in order. I was going to make my own spice rack but decided to go with a store bought metal mesh one. It for my needs and was only $20. I forgot to get a picture but you can see it in the “after” picture.



I put some rubber cabinet liner on the bottom shelf. We have really old cabinets and the paint is a little yucky.

I buy a lot of my spices in bulk so I need to transfer them into smaller containers. I have these handy ball spice jars that my in-laws got me for Christmas. Unfortunately they only work with larger spices, not fine powders because the sprinkle holes are large.

Some spices, especially garlic powder turn to rock after a little while. You can put dry beans in your spices to keep the moisture out. The reason I would use beans instead of rice is because rice it too small and would probably end up in your food when you sprinkle your spices out.

img_0913The other spice containers I have are Tupperware. They came with a handy turn table. I added beans to some of these as well to soak up moisture.

My spice cabinet could still use some love, but that was my 20 minute quick organizing project for the week. 😊


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