Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, and Hippo

These are some of Tristan’s favorite animals (mine too), so this was extra fun!

I found some FREE printable letters to go along with E F G and H.

It’s really neat seeing things start to click in Tristan’s brain. He almost knows all of his colors and points out colors everywhere we go. At two and a half he’s learning his alphabet and points out the letters he knows when he sees them.

All the kids get really excited when we look at our alphabet, number and color books. The girls have started to repeat letters when we do flash cards.

Learning is fun, and I hope it stays that way!

E for Elephant 
F for fox.

G for Giraffe

H for Hippo

I’m pleased that he can tell me the name of each alphabet animal, without me telling him! He traces the “hidden” letter with his finger and says “F for fox”. 

I do not have a pattern to share, I free hand all the animal letters. I use a pencil and erase a lot. Using a ruler helps to make some of my lines strait. I hate drawing eyes so googley eyes work great!

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You are my Sunshine Part 1

I got lazy with my blog posts lately, aka more busy with “real” life. We have been visiting with the soon to be member of the Kemmerer family. Eclipse the horse. This is a dream come true for me, I’m a little more excited than the kids. 😍

So my Twin girls are turning ONE next month. Wait what??? I seriously can’t believe it! Time to start the party planning! My theme is Sunshine and Lemonade. Colors are yellow, pink and purple. 

Today I made a sweet sign to hang in the kids bedroom, and use for the party as well.

I used some already cut old pallet boards and picked out some wood letters that fit on the boards. 

I didn’t have another “P” so I put painters tape over that spot.

I used white spray paint. Spray back and forth from about a foot away so you don’t spray the letters off the board. 

Let dry outside then remove the letters. Since I was missing a “P” I had an extra step. I removed the tape, moved the “P” over, held a board over the already finished part and sprayed the new “p”.

For the “make” sign I wanted to hand paint the letters white and leave the pellet board brown. First trace the letters.

Then paint them in with white paint and a little paint brush.

To hold my sign together I used scrap prices of pallet board. My husband was home from work so with a kiss I convinced him to drill and screw the sign together for me. 😊

All finished! Cute for the kids’ room and party decor. 🎉

I always let out happy squeals when I finish a project that I’m pleased with…tell me I’m not the only one that does this…


Letters B, C and D

I needed a temporary solution for all of Tristan’s art projects and pre-school letters. I found a galvanized metal wall hanging at Michaels. It’s cute and effective as a magnetic board. Eventually I want a cork board “crown molding” to boarder the ceiling of the play/school room. I haven’t figured out all the details of that project yet!

Tristan has been learning his farm animal names (he already knew most of them), numbers, colors and alphabet. We have so enjoyed making alphabet animals for each new letter! As you can see we already made B, C, and on a previous post I showed the picture of A for Aligator. You don’t have to be an artist, it’s for preschoolers. I can’t even draw stick figures so as long as he can tell these animals are letters I did all right 🙂

Today we are making D for Dog or Dalmatian.

Start with a blank white card stock, a pen or pencil and a ruler.

Draw a big bold “D”. Doesn’t have to be perfect, you can shape it up when you cut it out. Depending on the age of your child they can help cut out the letters.

Cut out the letter D and have your little helper glue it to a colored piece of card stock, Tristan picked blue.

We looked in our paper scraps file and added some spots, an eye (kinda sad looking), collar, tag and an ear. 

All finished and ready to hang on the magnet board.

Tristan especially likes this letter because it’s just like his Dalmatian that he likes to carry around the house. 

We are finished this craft and the girls are still napping. Time to do some pre-school!


Winter Blues?

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost March. This nice weather we have been getting is such a tease, I hope it lasts!

We finally got our felt board, still working on cutting out all 600 some pieces. Tristan loves helping with Bible time, he puts the characters on the board while daddy tells the story.


Got a little behind on our alphabet with a grumpy teething baby. We made a fun uppercase letter A today.


Just for fun I made two different type of baby headbands for the month of love. So easy!

You can find out how to make them here Bow top knot and Knotted baby turban.

Since it’s love and farm month we decided to add to our little animal collection at get a bunny. 🙂

Bugs is a mini lop bunny, just the cutest thing, and Tristan loves her! He is learning how to play nice and care for animals. We aren’t into movies (unless it’s educational or special occasions) or video games, but I’m all about being outdoors and taking care of animals. I think animals teach character and very important life values. I had bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, chickens, parakeets and fish when I was growing up. I think they taught me a lot of responsibility! We plan to bread Bugs with a Mini rex bunny, I think she’ll make some really cute baby bunnies!

Ben isn’t a huge fan of pets, but he agrees that our kids should grow up around animals so I’m happy with that! Plus, he’s making Bugs a sweet home so I know he really loves her! 🙂