Repurposed Broken Crayons DIY

This was an easy project I’ve been meaning to do for a while now.

img_2200-3I had a bunch of broken/old crayons that my kids don’t really like to use. I pulled all the paper off the crayons.

I broke the crayons to fit in my sylicone molds. Next time I’ll probably cut them smaller with a knife so I can fit more in each mold.

Heat your oven to 150-200 Fahrenheit. Cook for about 10 minutes or until melted. I didn’t stir mine and they looked nice and marbled.


Let them cool, then carefully pop them out of your molds. img_2230-1
img_2244They are the perfect size for toddler and baby hands. They wouldn’t work well for a child who can stay in the lines. 😊

img_2249-1I store mine in a pull string muslin bag.

That’s it, have fun!


DIY Moisture Proof Picnic Quilt

I’m sick of getting a wet butt every time I sit in the grass. You can buy waterproof blankets that are the same general idea as the one I made, but I just like making stuff myself! 😊

  • 42 X 62 reversible quilted fabric
  • 42 X 62″ plastic vynal – may need to cut a little off to fit
  • Scissors – good quality fabric ones make it really easy!
  • Wonder clips Bought on Amazon
  • Sewing machine. 
  • Patience 

First step, go to your fabric store and buy your fabric and plastic backing. I got reversible quilted fabric that was fluffy and cute, but you really could use anything!

Fold over the raw edge all the way around using wonder clips (or push pins) to secure the fabric.

Sew a nice edge. 

This is what mine looked like – not perfect.
This is the vynal plastic.

Lay the plastic on top of the back side of your quilt. Again use the wonder clips to make a nice folded edge. This will hold the plastic onto your blanket.

Sew down your fold. Make sure the needle is catching the plastic. 

It’s a little tricky to sew with plastic vynal. My vynal kept pulling out of the wonder clips and getting all crinkled up. I used a chair to support the blanket. As always, my project are trial and error.

This is the finished edge.

Perfect for picnics. The wet spring season. Morning, in the dew covered grass. You could even use the plastic side as a table cloth!

Paisley trying out the new quilt. She’s not a fan of itchy grass blades so she loves this idea!


    Letters B, C and D

    I needed a temporary solution for all of Tristan’s art projects and pre-school letters. I found a galvanized metal wall hanging at Michaels. It’s cute and effective as a magnetic board. Eventually I want a cork board “crown molding” to boarder the ceiling of the play/school room. I haven’t figured out all the details of that project yet!

    Tristan has been learning his farm animal names (he already knew most of them), numbers, colors and alphabet. We have so enjoyed making alphabet animals for each new letter! As you can see we already made B, C, and on a previous post I showed the picture of A for Aligator. You don’t have to be an artist, it’s for preschoolers. I can’t even draw stick figures so as long as he can tell these animals are letters I did all right 🙂

    Today we are making D for Dog or Dalmatian.

    Start with a blank white card stock, a pen or pencil and a ruler.

    Draw a big bold “D”. Doesn’t have to be perfect, you can shape it up when you cut it out. Depending on the age of your child they can help cut out the letters.

    Cut out the letter D and have your little helper glue it to a colored piece of card stock, Tristan picked blue.

    We looked in our paper scraps file and added some spots, an eye (kinda sad looking), collar, tag and an ear. 

    All finished and ready to hang on the magnet board.

    Tristan especially likes this letter because it’s just like his Dalmatian that he likes to carry around the house. 

    We are finished this craft and the girls are still napping. Time to do some pre-school!


    Barn Window Frames

    So the other night I was telling my husband the hardest thing about having 3 kids under three is I just don’t have time to do anything but take care of said children. I don’t wear make up, I throw on whatever I wore the day before as long as it doesn’t smell like spit up or old food. I throw my hair in a ponytail first thing in the morning because there’s just no time to look pretty, plus the girls like to pull hair and let’s be honest I just don’t know what else to do with my hair! Seriously though, I love my kids to death and love spending every moment with them. I just don’t get a lot done other than holding and tending to their every need. As I’m writing this post I’m rocking in my rocking chair with my sweet Teagan who hates to nap. Oh but I love every minute of the craziness. 

    So yesterday after dinner Ben says “Our house needs some decorations, it’s not very homey or welcoming.” Ouch! A little offended, but I had to agree. I used to dream of being an interior decorator, but recently it hasn’t been on the top of my list. I took his brutally honest comment to heart and decided to go crazy organizing and decorating – last time he tells me I suck at decorating! ☺️

    I literally organized every closet, the pantry, the kitchen cabinets and drawers, and even the garage. I’m not really sure how I had time, but it got done and I feel good about it!

    I’ve had these old barn window frames sitting around that I hadn’t had time to do anything with. Here’s the steps I took to turning them into a cute picture frames.

    1. Have a really awesome Nana (Grammy) that finds fun stuff at yard sales. Or look around at yard sales and flea markets.
    2. Lightly sand the frame. I wanted to keep the original paint, or lack there of so I didn’t trying to get all the paint chips and bumps out. I think it adds to the rustic look. 
    3. You can put a fresh coat of paint over the frame, but be careful not to get any on the glass. Or do as I did and keep the original look by going over the frame with several coats of clear polyurethane. I suggest doing the polyurethane outdoors or your whole house will smell.
    4. Letting it dry was the longest part of this whole project. Just need a little patience.
    5. Attach something to the back so you can hang it on your wall. I got sawtooth hangers at Walmart. 
    6. Add pictures. As you can see in the picture above, I used sticky glue dots. I have a whole roll of it from making candles. You might be able to find glue dots at your craft store, you could also use double sided tape. I wanted to make it so I can switch out the photos once in a while. I still need to get more photos for mine but as you can see it looks good even without photos!
    7. Hang your frame on the wall and enjoy husbands smile as he walks into his newly decorated welcoming home. ☺️

    add christmas lights around frame to really make it pop!

    Well that’s all I had time for today!