You are my Sunshine Part 1

I got lazy with my blog posts lately, aka more busy with “real” life. We have been visiting with the soon to be member of the Kemmerer family. Eclipse the horse. This is a dream come true for me, I’m a little more excited than the kids. 😍

So my Twin girls are turning ONE next month. Wait what??? I seriously can’t believe it! Time to start the party planning! My theme is Sunshine and Lemonade. Colors are yellow, pink and purple. 

Today I made a sweet sign to hang in the kids bedroom, and use for the party as well.

I used some already cut old pallet boards and picked out some wood letters that fit on the boards. 

I didn’t have another “P” so I put painters tape over that spot.

I used white spray paint. Spray back and forth from about a foot away so you don’t spray the letters off the board. 

Let dry outside then remove the letters. Since I was missing a “P” I had an extra step. I removed the tape, moved the “P” over, held a board over the already finished part and sprayed the new “p”.

For the “make” sign I wanted to hand paint the letters white and leave the pellet board brown. First trace the letters.

Then paint them in with white paint and a little paint brush.

To hold my sign together I used scrap prices of pallet board. My husband was home from work so with a kiss I convinced him to drill and screw the sign together for me. 😊

All finished! Cute for the kids’ room and party decor. 🎉

I always let out happy squeals when I finish a project that I’m pleased with…tell me I’m not the only one that does this…


Open Iron Pipe Shelf

My husband and I love to watch the TV show fixer upper after we put the kids to bed. Our own house was a MAJOR fixer upper. The couple we bought it from was selling it just for the land. They thought we would tear it down, but we had a different plan. 

We kind of stole the shelf idea from their show. My style is very similar to Joanna and Chip. I would LOVE to own a farmhouse with lots of land for animals and a garden someday. 

Our kitchen needs a makeover, but we don’t have the money to redo it right now. We were trying to find a way to add more cabinet space to some open wall space in our kitchen just for temporary. When we came across the iron pipe shelves I figured that could be a permanent fix!

We got all the supplies we needed from Lowes. I’ll warn you iron pipes are a little pricey.

First measure your space to see how many shelves you want, and how far apart to make them. We went with 3 shelves. First shelf was 18″ from the cealing, the next two were 10″ apart. Our shelves are 12″ deep.

  • 2 – 18″ X 3/4″ black iron pipe (width from cealing to first shelf)
  • 4 – 10″ X 3/4″ black iron pipe (width between shelves)
  • 6 – 12″ X 3/4″ black iron pipe (width of shelf)
  • 8 – 3/4″ Galvanized floor flange (to support shelves into the wall and cealing)
  • 2 – 90• 3/4″ black iron fittings 
  • 4 – 3/4″ “T” black iron fittings.
  • 3 2×12 lumber board

Seriously you just start screwing pipes together, pretty easy. It was a fun date night project while the kids slept. 

We had a hard time finding the studs in our wall, but I enjoyed working with this stud! See what I did there?! 😜 

You could just screw it into the drywall and use drywall anchors, but that doesn’t sound as sturdy to me.

Once you got it in the right spot put a level up to the pipes and screw them in. This was my favorite part! 

Then you’re ready for the shelves. Seriously it’s that easy!

And fill them up. 🙂

I’m pretty excited about my new storage space. I was a little worried about keeping open shelves organized at first. I need to clean the iron pipes and pull those stickies off sometime. I might eventually refinish the lumber with a tinted polyurethane to make it a little darker.